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Steps to create an NFS Mount for pods

Steps to create an NFS Mount for pods
Perform the below steps on NFS Server: In our case, the NFS is mounted on another different server. We have created a directory /MTCache and made the entry of the same in /etc/exports. The /etc/exports file on the NFS server contains the accessible NFS directories. The entry in /etc/exports on the NFS hosting server will be: /MTCache *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)
NFS Options: Some options we can use in “/etc/exports” file for file sharing is as follows. With the help of this option we can provide read only access to the shared files i.e client will only be able to read. This option allows the client server to both read and write access within the shared directory. 3.sync: Sync confirms requests to the shared directory only once the changes have been committed. 4.no_subtree_check: This option prevents the subtree checking. When a shared directory is the subdirectory of a larger file system, nfs performs scans of every directory above it, in order to …