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Enabling GC Activity Logging Without Restarting the JVM

Enabling Garbage Collection (GC) activity logging normally requires a restart of the JVM hosting the service. Below steps explains how GC logging can be enabled without requiring a JVM restart for a chosen service. Assuming  user1  is the  owner  of the running JVM process, and  10274  is the  PID  (Process ID) of the JVM you are targeting, you can get the GC logging info from it by using: sudo -u user1 /usr/java/default/bin/jinfo -flag +PrintGC 10274 sudo -u user1 /usr/java/default/bin/jinfo -flag +PrintGCTimeStamps 10274 sudo -u user1 /usr/java/default/bin/jinfo -flag +PrintGCDetails 10274 Note: The output is stdout

Shell Script to add SSH automatic Login

Script to add SSH automatic Login #!/usr/bin/ksh -f RUSER=$1 RHOST=$2         if [ -z "${RHOST}" ]         then                 echo "\nUsage: $0 remoteUserName remoteHostName\n"                 exit 22         fi         if [ ! -f ${HOME}/.ssh/ ]         then                 echo "SSH not configured for user ${LOGNAME} - creating key..."                 ssh-keygen -trsa -N "" -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa                 STATUS=$?                 if [[ ${STATUS} -ne 0 ]]                 then                         echo "SSH configuration FAILED for ${LOGNAME}"                         exit ${STATUS}                 fi                 chmod 755 ${HOME}         fi         echo "SSH configured for ${LOGNAME} OK." echo "Processing ${RUSER}..."         scp ~/.ssh/ ${RUSER}@${RHOST}         STATUS=$?         if [[ ${STATUS} -ne 0 ]]         then