Command to obtain complete details of a process running in windows

Just wanted to share a command in Windows, to obtain complete details of the processes running in windows.

In Unix/Linux we use the below command to obtain all the java processes running on particular server:
ps -ef|grep java

which shows the PID, command line and other details.

The same can be obtained in windows OS.

Using Task Manager to show the command line option, the display value is so long that the CLASSPATH setting gets cut off and complete details are not obtained.

To show the entire command line including switches/options is to use the WMIC command:
C:\> WMIC process where caption="java.exe"

Open an windows CMD prompt, execute the following "Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line" (WMIC):
To obtain processid and commandline provide the arguments as get

C:\> WMIC process where caption="java.exe" get processid,commandline

Note: You can pipe the result out to a file like below: (Open cmd prompt as Run as Administrator)
C:\> WMIC process where caption="java.exe" get processid,commandline > C:\TEMP\OUTPUT.TXT                                  
There are different other fields like :

PageFaults, PageFileUsage, ParentProcessId, PeakPageFileUsage, PeakVirtualSize, PeakWorkingSetSize, Priority, PrivatePageCount, ProcessId, QuotaNonPagedPoolUsage, QuotaPagedPoolUsage, QuotaPeakNonPagedPoolUsage, QuotaPeakPagedPoolUsage, ReadOperationCount, ReadTransferCount, SessionId, Status, TerminationDate, ThreadCount, UserModeTime, VirtualSize, WindowsVersion, WorkingSetSize, WriteOperationCount, WriteTransferCount


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