Starting Perfmon on all Windows machines with a single Batch file

In one of our project we have more than 4 Windows servers. We use perfmon to monitor the resource utilization. Each time we run load test we start the perfmon on all the servers.
So created the below batch file to do the job.

The batch file does the below:
  • Create a directory with current date and time
  • Start perfmon on all 4 AR servers
  • Wait for 1 hr
  • Copy the result file (.csv) from each server into the director created in step1.
  • Stop perfmon on all 4 AR servers.

@echo off

for /f %%I in ('wmic os get localdatetime ^|find "20"') do set dt=%%I
REM dt format is now YYYYMMDDhhmmss...
REM set dt=%dt:~4,2%-%dt:~2,2%-%dt:~0,4%

set dt=%dt:~6,2%%dt:~4,2%%dt:~2,2%%dt:~8,2%%dt:~10,2%
echo %dt%

mkdir D:\Perfmon\Perfmon_%dt%

logman start "Counter" -s server1
logman start "Counter" -s server2
logman start "Counter" -s server3
logman start "Counter" -s server4

timeout /t 3600

copy \\server1\c$\PerfLogs\Admin\Counter\*%dt%*.csv D:\Perfmon\Perfmon_%dt%\. 
copy \\server2\c$\PerfLogs\Admin\Counter\*%dt%*.csv D:\Perfmon\Perfmon_%dt%\. 
copy \\server3\c$\PerfLogs\Admin\Counter\*%dt%*.csv D:\Perfmon\Perfmon_%dt%\.
copy \\server4\c$\PerfLogs\Admin\Counter\*%dt%*.csv D:\Perfmon\Perfmon_%dt%\.

logman stop "Counter" -s server1
logman stop "Counter" -s server2
logman stop "Counter" -s server3
logman stop "Counter" -s server4

Note: The Data collector with name "Counter" is already added or created in perfmon under "Data Collector Sets"-> "User Defined" on all the servers.
Note: The .csv file created was ending with ddMMyyyyhhmm format.


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